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Hey…we get it!

Not everyone can spend a big amount upfront for “professional” features. But then we won’t want you in situation where....

1. You’ll start creating websites and mobile apps “TOMORROW”

2. You’ll need help setting up your account

3. You probably won’t find enough “TIME”

4. Or you’ll probably just forget

We do not want any of this to happen to YOU with SmartBloks because of a price tag.

We want you to succeed, create website and iOS & Android mobile apps to get free traffic and make more money creating and selling them for yourself, your clients or to local business owners.



We’re Going To Give You

SmartBloks Professional-Lite

With the SmartBloks Professional Lite Upgrade, you sit back and relax while this powerful upgrade and set of these new features help you create websites and mobile apps at lighting fast speed.

Remove SmartBloks Branding from ALL Website

With SmartBloks Professional Lite, you get the freedom to remove all SmartBloks branding from your websites, making them completely yours.

This feature means your websites will look totally professional and only show your own brand, not ours.

It's perfect for making your site stand out and look more unique, as it will have only your logo and style.

This is really important if you want your website to be all about your business or your personal brand.

Now, every site you create will be a clear reflection of you or your business, helping you to create a strong and distinct online identity.

SuperFast Websites - Google Friendly

SmartBloks Professional Lite takes your online presence to the next level with its 'SuperFast Websites - Google Friendly' feature. This means every website you create is not just incredibly fast but also optimized to be Google friendly.

Faster websites keep visitors happy, reducing the chance they leave because it's taking too long to load.

Being Google friendly is just as important - it helps your website show up better in search results, making it easier for new customers to find you.

Our platform ensures that your websites are built with the latest standards for speed and search engine optimization (SEO).

This combination of speed and visibility is a key factor in attracting more visitors and keeping them engaged.

SuperFast Mobile Apps - iOS & Android Suppor

This powerful capability ensures that the mobile apps you create are not only fast and responsive but also fully compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Imagine offering your audience or clients sleek, high-performance apps that work flawlessly on a wide range of devices, from iPhones to Android tablets.

This feature is crucial in today's mobile-first world, where speed and accessibility are key to capturing and retaining user attention.

With SmartBloks Professional Lite, you're equipped to deliver top-tier app experiences, ensuring smooth, efficient, and engaging interactions for all users, regardless of their device choice.

This level of performance and compatibility is vital for staying ahead in the competitive digital marketplace, making your apps a preferred choice for users everywhere.

Brand New Templates

SmartBloks Professional Lite brings an exciting array of Brand New Templates to the table, offering a fresh and modern approach to website and app design.

These templates are not just new; they are crafted with the latest design trends and user experience principles in mind.

Whether you're creating a website for a business, a personal blog, or a mobile app, these templates provide a perfect starting point, ensuring your projects have a contemporary and professional look from the outset.

The variety and versatility of these templates mean you can easily find the perfect match for any project, catering to a wide range of styles and industries.

International Features - AutoTranslate Website

SmartBloks Professional Lite breaks down language barriers, allowing your website content to be automatically translated into multiple languages.

Imagine the reach and impact of your website when visitors from around the world can access and understand your content in their native language.

This feature is invaluable for businesses and individuals looking to expand their audience internationally. It not only makes your website more accessible to a diverse audience but also enhances user experience and engagement.

Your website becomes a truly global platform, effortlessly connecting with people across different countries and cultures, significantly broadening your reach and influence in the global market.

More Autoresponder Integrations

This expansion allows you to seamlessly integrate a wider range of leading autoresponder services directly into your websites and apps.

The benefit? You can now manage and automate your email marketing campaigns more effectively, reaching out to your audience with personalized, timely communications.

Whether it's for nurturing leads, distributing newsletters, or sending targeted offers, these additional integrations provide the flexibility and efficiency needed to streamline your communication strategies.

With SmartBloks Professional Lite, you're not just building websites and apps; you're creating powerful marketing platforms that are equipped to engage and convert your audience more effectively, thanks to a broader and more versatile suite of autoresponder tools.

AI Website Content Writer

This innovative feature harnesses the power of AI to generate compelling and relevant content for your websites.

Whether you need engaging blog posts, informative articles, or persuasive web copy, the AI Website Content Writer can craft it with ease and efficiency.

This feature not only saves you significant time and effort but also ensures that your content is optimized for both your audience and search engines.

The AIdriven content adapts to your specific needs and style, making each piece unique and tailored to your brand.

With SmartBloks Professional Lite, you're equipped to maintain a consistent flow of high-quality content, enhancing your site's engagement and SEO, and keeping your audience coming back for more.

AI Website Design Creator

This AI-powered tool simplifies the design process, enabling you to create visually stunning and user-friendly websites with minimal effort.

Whether you're aiming for a professional business site, a vibrant blog, or an engaging ecommerce platform, the AI Website Design Creator adapts to your vision.

It offers intuitive design suggestions, auto-adjusts layouts, and selects color schemes and fonts that align with your brand identity, ensuring every website looks unique and polished.

This feature is a boon for those who want impressive web designs without delving deep into the complexities of web design, making SmartBloks Professional Lite an invaluable asset for creating topnotch websites efficiently and effforlessly.

But There’s a Catch…

Remember, this is only available for the next 100 12 action takers.

We literally can NOT offer this to everyone.

This is why we’re only going to let the first 100 12 action taker take advantage of this opportunity.

Once we have our next 100 12 customers, we’re shutting doors forever.

Last 100 12 Copies Left & Selling Fast!

Act Now & Miss This Forever!

  • Remove SmartBloks Branding from ALL Website
  • SuperFast Websites - Google Friendly
  • SuperFast Mobile Apps - iOS & Android Support
  • Brand New Templates
  • International Features - AutoTranslate Website
  • More Autoresponder Integrations
  • Fast Action Bonus: Only One-time Fee
  • Fast Action Bonus: SmartBloks ProLITEGFX
  • Fast Action Bonus: SmartBloks ProLITETraffic
  • Fast Action Bonus: SmartBloks ProLITEPages
  • Fast Action Bonus: Easy Video Sales Page
Activate Your Professional-Lite License For Just $1997
SmartBloks Professional-Lite


When you lock-in your SmartBloks Professional-Lite Upgrade, you’ll also get these bonuses:

Time Sensitive Bonuses

Fast-Action Bonus #1:

Only One-time Fee

Only for this launch week, we are completely waiving off our setup and monthly fee.

That means you don’t pay any extra dime at all. All you pay is the one-time stupidly low upgrade fee for the SmartBloks Professional LITE upgrade and that is all. Can’t beat that!

Fast-Action Bonus #2:

SmartBloks ProLITEGFX

To STAND OUT and if you want to get a lot of traffic, build a brand and make money.

That’s exactly why I’m going to give you access to 25,000 Stock free images in the SmartBloks ProLITEGFX pack so you always create UNIQUE looking graphics for your marketing.

Fast-Action Bonus #3:

SmartBloks ProLITETraffic

What if you really want to generate TRUE traffic…buyers traffic…traffic that optins in and buys from you?

For that, you need to focus on Pinterest and with the SmartBloks ProLITETraffic app, you will be able to automate your entire Pinterest marketing, create boards and publish on Pinterest on autopilot, generating 1000s of visitors every day for free.

Fast-Action Bonus #4:

SmartBloks ProLITEPages [$299]

I’m going to do something special for the next 50 people only.

You see, creating a perfect, money-making affiliate marketing campaign is an art and it takes time and experience. Not everyone can do it.

So I’m going to go ahead and create 8 custom Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Campaign Pages that make $500+ or more.

You can easily edit these pages and use them to promote ANY JVzoo or W+ or ClickBank offer and bank $500+ in guaranteed commissions, every single time.

Fast-Action Bonus #5:

Easy Video Sales Page [$97]

Create video sales pages using a proven, winning formula! A simple successful formula for quick sales pages all the time!

A sales page plays a very big role in converting your website visitors into buyers. If you create a sales page for granted, you will just waste your time, effort, and money in selling the services or products you offer.

With this amazing software, you are about to have those qualifications and expect a huge sale in your offers.

No I don’t want to upgrade to SmartBloks Professional-Lite & get features worth $21,800 available right now for a special one-time 60% discount fee. I’d rather upgrade later and agree paying a $197/annual fee for this upgrade!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I just purchase SmartBloks Professional-Lite?

A: No. SmartBloks Professional-Lite is an upgrade to SmartBloks app. You MUST have SmartBloks Commercial for this upgrade to work. If you purchase ONLY the Professional Lite upgrade, you will need to purchase the SmartBloks Commercial and there will be no refund offered.

Q: Is SmartBloks Professional-Lite Upgrade essential for SmartBloks campaigns?

A: No. This upgrade isn’t necessary and everything that’s mentioned on the SmartBloks website is included in your account. However, we strongly recommend you upgrade to Professional Lite to get more professional features. You will need these in future but by then the price would increase exponentially.

Q: Can I think about this and come back later?

A: You can but the price will increase exponentially and to be fair to everyone else, we won’t be able to give you this special deal again.

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